Areas of Assistance

Employment Readiness Program

The Employment Readiness Program (ERS) offers help with career planning and job search. Examples of assistance include resume preparation and interview skills.

Mental Health Guidance and Support

BHSIP provides support that you can turn to in times of need. Whether you are facing a personal crisis and need immediate help, or you want to spend time with people who care about you, these relationships play a critical role in how you function in your day-to-day life.

Substance Abuse and Recovery Services

To provide the individual with effective addiction treatment plan, and support for alcohol,heroin, fentanyl, cocaine and meth and other substances

Health and Education Services

Health Care Service will bridge the health disparities gap that exist in low income neighborhoods by providing screenings and classes that educate about participants about diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, cancer and obesity.

Life Skills and Social Integration

Life Skills provide the participant with the skills needed to make good decisions, money management, proper hygiene, and practice good health care skills.

Pre-Release and Re-Entry Coordination Services

Pre-Release and Re-Entry Coordination Services (PRRS) provides transitional services to soon-to-be-released and incarcerated adults from correctional facilities who return to the community.

Food Pantry and Nutritional Education Service

This service offers the opportunity to receive a nutritious meal, identify needs, and learn strategies and practices to improve healthy eating.