Who we are

The Beulah Heights Social Integration Program (BHSIP) is a non-traditional faith-based program committed to providing a diverse and creative approach to provide supportive, wrap-around services and resources for the chronically homeless ex-offenders the Greater New Haven area.

Since our beginning in November of 2007, we have helped 42,708 of formerly homeless and incarcerated people succeed in the community. Our holistic range of diverse services has helped our participants transform and rebuild their lives, restored family and relationships that were destroyed prior to incarceration or homelessness.

Our Mission

To provide basic needs and supportive services through a holistic approach to the underserved in the community.

Our Vision

We are committed to empowering and providing resources and skills needed to obtain employment and affordable housing that will develop healthy and whole individuals and families


The Beulah Heights Church, in collaboration with BHSIP, seeks to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ which has the power to change lives and hearts.


  • To teach spiritual lessons for daily living
  • To expand and build church evangelism and outreach
  • To have an adult Sunday school class adopt an inmate and family upon request

What We Do